To promote the betterment of St. Francis through academic advancement, community, and civic involvement.

We are Inclusive

At St. Francis Civic Association it is our goal to elevate the best interests of the citizens of this community and promote commerce in our beloved city. Our members come from various backgrounds and experiences, bringing multi-level value to our organization. From private citizens, to business professionals, service organizations, and local businesses, together we strive to make St. Francis a better place to live and work.

We are Involved

SFCA encourages active participation from businesses in the community as they are vital to the foundation of St. Francis. The goods, services, jobs, and economic development that local businesses contribute help to keep our community thriving. The St. Francis Association of Commerce leverages it’s relationship with the city to create a number of programs and events to support the community and those who live here.

We are Active

Join us in showing your commitment to the community:


  • Sponsors Annual Blood Drive. Over 9500 pints of donated blood provided for St. Francis residents.
  • Offers Scholarship Funds. Over $160,000 has been awarded since 1961.
  • Sponsors Voters’ Forum
  • Meets regularly with the School Board and Common Council. Learning about challenges in our community and contributing our help to resolve them.
  • Works independently with City Officials to help induce growth of desirable industry in St. Francis.
  • Supports local charities and non-profit organizations.
  • Co-sponsors a recognition night for business and industry.
  • Recognizes the Auxiliary Police and Crossing Guards at a sponsored dinner.
  • Sponsors the St. Francis Citizen of the Year Dinner.

We are better together!

At SFCA we believe everyone can make a difference! We are grateful to live in such a beautiful community and are committed to our mission of supporting the betterment of St. Francis. To learn more about how to help support our mission, please contact our office today.